Hiding in SunshineBy John Stuart & Caitlin Stuart

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Hiding In Sunshine is a fantastic read. I couldn’t put it down. It is very well written.
I loved the strong character development, and how the authors kept you on the edge of your seat. As I was reading this, it felt like a movie was being played in my head. You can picture everything based on the details/clues that the book gives you. When your reading, you find yourself pausing and really thinking about what’s going to happen to the characters next and trying to piece things together, but the authors trick you and twist the story in another direction, throwing our minds for a loop. It’s exciting! It’s very realistic. I also loved how extended the vocabulary is in this book, I had to stop and pull out my dictionary to look up a few of the words. I LOVE THAT! I highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking for a thriller with a twist kind of book. A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

J. Hill “MrsCortez” (GA, USA)

Anyone interested in Computer Sciences, Federal Investigations, or simply put a Wonderful read with an Unforgettable twist should take this book into high consideration. During my three days of review, I gasped, laughed, and shook my head in disbelief at the very talented writings within Hiding In Sunshine. I am in total awe of it’s perfection and am highly looking forward to the next in line by this father/daughter team.

Shannon Thompson (Pittsburgh, PA)

Well written, enjoyable read

I received this book from Influenster to review and I’m so glad that I did. It is not a book that I normally would have gone for on my own, but it was a great read. I am excited to see what the authors, a father daughter duo, come up with in the future. It was a good change from the science fiction and fantasy that I normally read. I normally read fast paced action or science fiction and fantasy books filled with otherworldly creatures. This is firmly planted is reality with real people with real problems that any one of us could face. While fictional, this is a realistic portrayal of some of the cyber security threats that are being fought today. The prose is well written, the story well planned, and kept it me interested. The pace was slow compared to what I normally choose to read but it was appropriate for the story and kept me engaged the entire time. Every time I had to put it down, I was anxiously awaiting to find out what was going to happen next. The story had a twist at the end that I didn’t see coming which I really enjoyed. Hiding in Sunshine reminded me of Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress and Deception Point. I mean that as a huge compliment to the authors. I really enjoyed Brown’s books, and I thoroughly enjoyed this work by the Stuarts. I would recommend this book, and look forward to reading John and Caitlin Stuart’s next collaboration.

Denise Bustamante “NiseyB.”

Attention All Thrill Seekers!!!!

Thrill seekers, hold onto your seats! This father daughter duo have put together an exciting, suspenseful story, full of mystery that will grasp your attention beyond its pages.


LOVE this book

I really enjoyed this book~ Anyone who likes to read should definitely give this book a chance. :) I cant wait to read more books by the authors!


Great book!

It had been a while since I read a book. I can honestly say I couldn’t put it down once I started it and was eager every day for my work day to be over so that I may continue reading. Great story. I just gave it to my husband to read now. Highly recommend it!


Intense, Drama, Edge of your Seat

Great book, thanks to @Influenster for the book. I read the book over a weekend; I just couldn’t put it down. I kept thinking about how easy we make hackers job by placing all of our personal information on the web and not protect it like we do our birth cerficate or ss card. The book is suspenseful and very fun. I can’t read a next book.


Hiding In Sunshine Kept me guessing and I loved it!

Hiding in Sunshine was an amazing book. It not only kept me enthralled and guessing, but I was impressed with the ending as well. I love the fact that the book was based on a Father-Daughter saga and encompassed not only real world and Old World style but current up to date issues and possibilities as well. I give it 2 thumbs up!


Great Read!

Such a great book from the father daughter duo. Very researched and knowledgeable on details, and great flow to the story through out the book. Grab a copy!

Lauren Martin

If you like intense thriller or “detective” books this one is for you. This book was Impressive not only because of the in depth descriptions to paint a picture of Gavin and Lisa’s lifestyle but also Gavin’s computer and banking background. You will fall in love with this family and your gut will twist and turn with every heartbreak they face. You’ll be on the edge of your seat with every wild turn this book takes. Literal Gasps!
Another impressive part of this book is the accuracy on locations, being someone who has visited or lived in almost every place mentioned in the book, it was nice to see how in depth the writers went in researching places instead of just “throwing a name in there”.

Lastly, this book is a true eye opener. As a society which is all about being in the loop and connected realizing the complications of making social media aware of your every move as a possible dangerous one is a wake up call every one could use.

I would most definitely recommend this book to anyone

Katy Smith, Marlton, NJ

This book is amazing and one that I cant put down to you get to the end. At the end it leaves you think about life and how things work out. IT makes you really think about how technology is really help people today and hurting others. This would really not be a book that I would pick up normally but was very surprised at how much I love this book. Must read.


This book was hard to put down

This book had me on my toes right from the start. What seemed like the perfect idyllic family setting, soon had me wondering what could have possibly went wrong. I tried to play detective and try to figure out who the culprit could be. If you like drama and suspense then you will enjoy reading this book. The father,daughter writing duo have great chemistry because this book flowed and I could not put the book down.

I also could not believe who the culprit really was!!! I recommend this book to everyone who likes a little suspense.



Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. It was the best book I’ve read this year so far, and wish there was more books out there like this. Thank you Caitlin and John for making such an awesome book, and having the chance to read it!

Lesley Brown

Great interesting read!

I really enjoyed this book, and found the situations presented to be both realistic and scary. This is truly a picture of a situation that could happen to any of us, in a way that is well written and exciting!

Jennifer Garcia

So goood!! I really didn’t think this book was going to be as good as it was. But it turned out to be soooo great! I couldn’t put it down. It definitely makes you think about you security on the internet. Such a great read, i’m telling all my friends about this book!

Laura Rooney

Fantastic Page Turner!

I found that the story’s attention to detail was fantastic. The plot requires the reader to understand a great deal of technological information – but it is clearly described for the less techno saavy reader…occasionally the amount drags the story down and it can be daunting to press through. The characters (the Brinkleys) are very likeable and readers are easily able to empathize with them as they struggle to adapt to their new life, all while trying to find their way back to their old one. I also enjoyed how the story “told” rather than “showed” – a bit of unnatural dialogue), however it still seemed smooth and natural. The story flowed from start to finish and the conclusion is very satisfying!


This book is a must read. The book teaches us all about the dangers of technology. It also makes us realize that we need to be more careful with what information we share and what we put on the internet. The father-daughter duo created an amazing novel that everyone should read. This book is not gender specific. Also it deals with current issues on guns and other political opinions. If you have not gotten this book already go and get it right now.


Best book ever!!! U MUST READ IT

This has got to be one of the best books I’ve read so far. The story was very exciting! Couldn’t put the book down, I must admit I feel like reading it again! I don’t want to give up all the details just know if you buy this book you wont regret it!


Watch out for the Glare: Hiding in the Sunshine

What would happen if your idyllic life came to an end because someone hacked into your bank accounts broke into your home and other unusual events that changed the course of your daily life occurred? Lisa and Gavin Brinkley appeared to be the perfect couple with the perfect life. Living in suburbia they never wanted for anything as Gavin’s patents brought him millions in revenue every year. Lisa now a stay at home mom with two daughters seemed to have the life that every young woman would want.

Cate was an old friend of Gavin’s who is now coming back into his life. An email would bring him information about her moving to Boston where he and Lisa just relocated and into his life. Cate as you can tell from what the authors relate seems quite interested in Gavin in a more personal way and not just as his financial advisor. Discussions between them seemed more than just friendly, her mannerisms definitely inappropriate at times and meeting Lisa would cement in the reader’s mind that she had her own hidden agenda. Why did Gavin’s eyes light up when Cate entered the room? What were his real feelings for her?

A phone call will change everything for Gavin as the vice president for information technology of a major company wants to enlist Gavin’s help to protect his banks from identity take over and cyber attacks. Meeting with this group proves challenging and quite informative but what happens next will definitely change more than just the dynamics of his life. A patent that he was promised has snags that he did not expect. Several road problems, flat tires caused by some unknown shooter, hacking into his personal files and computer plus the threat that someone wants him kidnapped and destroyed, Gavin and Lisa are now under the radar of the FBI and the police but why? Who? Contacting Cate good or bad decision? Who can he trust if anyone? Then, someone calls and things begin to heat up as the FBI agent that placed them in their new location is killed and their financial advisor is listed as dead too. Just who is behind this and why does the Enterprise want Gavin gone? New names, new identities, new location where would they go next and would they ever be safe?

A move to Montana and a neighbor named Bruce who explained the area, the Internet and connections, the stores, the life and much more. Listening to his words and learning more about their new life Gavin/John and Lisa/Cindy and their two girls once again had to assimilate within another environment. Weapons at hand, panic buttons in each room and limited access to their old life something about living here alerted Gavin that he needed to be real careful. A trip to the mall would prove unsettling as her daughter locks herself in the car, a police officer and reporter arrive and claimed this was front-page news. I bet you don’t know how a tennis ball can come in handy to open a locked door? The authors take the reader deep inside witness protection programs, cyber wars of a different magnitude; understand hacking and even more identity take over. Precautions in place to keep his family safe there never seems to be enough and what happens next will alert the reader that more trouble is on the way.

Bank accounts hacked into. Computer systems with unknown viruses, social security numbers compromised, ATM’s out of service, people stranded without cash or anyway to use public transportation, speculating as to who is behind these attacks, the President appears on television, the CIA comments but the end result is far from realized. Thefts over holidays weekends, bank accounts of elderly people that have been inactive, individual accounts with money stolen and much more. Remember that your information is not sacred. Just going to the doctor can compromise your identity and opening online accounts too. Inactive bank accounts, billions stolen and everyone brought up to date on twitter. Cyber attacks, cyber criminals and as we hear John/Gavin’s chronological and methodical thinking he begins to realize why he was singled out, just where he fits in and who might be behind it.

Two children who are smart and curious. One who is computer savvy and another who wants to learn more about her previous life, Caitlin and Emma won’t stop until they uncover their family’s secrets. Away at school Caitlin might miss her family but must be careful about the friendships she forms. As you read pages 178- 183 the authors share their knowledge of identity takeovers, cyber attacks, the potential destruction of our economy and one author’s expertise in this field. Frightening to say the least and quite revealing as this could really happen even as you read this novel. Added in is a sample discussion between the President and other agencies to discuss this issue and who might be behind it. But, are they in the right direction? Why does are they looking for Gavin and why do they think he has gone to the dark side? What link does this have to The Enterprise and a man known as ZRK who would not want John/Gavin working with the government and the government thinks he is working with him. Hear the voice of John as his inner thoughts are vividly revealed in Chapter 26 as he tries to put the events together, rationalize why another agent named Marcus was killed, Cate’s murder and even the death of the man who wanted to enlist his help to provide more bank security. Just how does this all fit and who is the leak in the system?

FBI Special Agent Marissa D’Amato is trying to learn more about the criminal organization known as the Enterprise and the man behind the illegal and terrorist activities known as ZRK. CIA reports in hand and information at her fingertips including transcripts of his dealings with another operative about Gavin would this reveal his guilt or innocence? Was this all about a simple game that stemmed from a contest in school? Was this to prove he was better than Gavin? Why does he want him alive? Why compare it to as ZRK states: “seven dimensional chess game.” More deadly however and more dangerous then merely saying “Checkmate.”

Another incident brings thinks into a more dangerous focus and 2000 miles away his daughter Caitlin feels not only homesick and shaken. As we get to know her friend Lisa better, her parents and much more. Cindy’s dreams about Gavin, fearing the next day and morning, another attack on our lives and crippling the social networks. Profiles changing, facebook, twitter, My Space and much more imagine what will be next if this continues. Imagine when you are on face book and the profile you log into is not yours but that belong to another person? How do you report that and what do you do?

What would happen if your FB account were no longer accessible? What would happen if your text messages went somewhere other than the proper destination or worse an Internet blackout. What would you do? Hackers are all over and now with the knowledge imparted in this novel you can learn first hand just how this might be done, the many cautions we need to take and the safeguards everyone needs to learn to prevent this from happening to you. Is it the Russians, Serbians or someone else? Scary but it is as simple as looking for the right makeup or foundation to wear and checking out the different companies. Anyone can find out what you are looking for, see your profile, account information and with tons of search engines available nothing is private or sacred. Author John Stuart’s knowledge in this field comes through as he relates the warning signs; the protections needed and discusses the technology through his main character Gavin.

Cindy becomes involved in a bank in Haiti, taking control of one and hiring many to audit and keep track of transactions. Caitlin meets with her advisor as some information she imparts just might endanger her family. Then, an email from an unknown source lets everyone know that they might have been found as Caitlin informs her father and now he has to find out who, where and why as Cindy finds a link to a notorious man from the past.

Things start to fit together and the pieces of the cyber puzzle have begun to fit into an intricate computer frame will change the lives of John/Gavin and his family as more power outages, more unusual deaths, more attacks and then blackouts. Who linked to his past is responsible? Why is a murder suspect out on bail? What will John/Gavin to take action? When he realizes how and why will he be able to know who and how?

An ending that will definitely surprise readers and one man who is relentless in his pursuit to get his life back. Just how this all plays out and who really hacked their way into their systems and what is the end result: Read John’s/Gavin’s novel along with Cailin’s insight and find out for yourself. But, the startling truths you just won’t believe. Hiding in Sunshine: Watch out for the Glare! Two authors: Father and Daughter: unbeatable. But, will John and Cindy win? Read this book and find out. This could definitely be a series with all four characters the John/Gavin, Lisa/Cindy and their enterprising children going after the cyber thieves and more.

Sandy K.

A simple yet intricate story about how simple lives can be dramatically impacted overnight. Only the family love and bond can help weather the hardship and challenges when everything else goes off track. The book also brings out the reality of cyber threats and identity thefts that can impact our society in today’s interconnected world. It does so in easy to understand language despite the complexity of the plot.


Terrorism rises to a new normal

The book beautifully captures how normal middle-class suburbia can have life upended, without any physical contact. The cyber-connected world we live in, allows criminals to reach into any ones’ life across the wire ….. or wirelesly!  The title is apt. Highly recommended for all of us still living in the oblivion that the cyber-world is being protected and we are all relatively safe. Cyber-terrorism is real and here.

Emily C.

Interesting Read

This book is an eye opener about the world we live in today while still being a great read. Hiding in Sunshine revolves around a family and how their lives are affected by identity theft, and how they navigate the place between right and wrong in order to get their lives back. I truly loved the fact that Hiding in Sunshine doesn’t allow its characters to be good or bad, but more realistic with many conflicting motivations. The depth and authenticity of the characters are reminiscent of Game of Thrones, where no character is as he seems, but are always trying to do what’s best.

Caitlin’s character was definitely the most relatable and likable.Even though the book starts slowly, it soon becomes impossible to put down.


Must admit that this is an excellent piece of work by a father-daughter duo. Attention to small details and potential for what cyber criminals can do in this modern world of open internet is actually very realistic. Just like sci-fi stories of the past are becoming true now to a certain degree, some of the events in this book are not far fetched and likely to impact private and public institutions throughout the world.

For a teenager to write/contribute so well must also be acknowledged. She definitely has a bright future ahead!

Overall good piece of work and worth reading…


I really enjoyed this book. Being familiar with the banking system and technology, I was impressed at the details that this father-daughter team have presented in a very easy to read and engaging style. The book really made me think about the impact of a cyber-attack on the country’s financial institutions. The authors did a great job of fleshing out the sociological aspects of cyber-warfare, and its impact on consumer confidence in basic institutions and infrastructure.


This is an excellent book by the father daughter duo. Very captivating! The details are outstanding and the plot is deep enough to keep you engaged. Hope there will be a squeal or a movie based on this.

Stuart Horwitz

When experts from a field such as cyber security and software turn to writing fiction it is often tedious and obvious—but not so with Hiding in Sunshine! I found this a compelling read: eloquent, rich, and deeply frightening about our world and what might be right around the corner. The combination of such a rich plumbing of human depths with the potential technological armageddon that awaits us made this book a treasured read. I hope for a sequel!


Hiding in Sunshine was a pleasant surprise for me—the technical/cyber details added a ton to the story without being oppressive, hard to understand or overly tech jargon-y. The book starts off a bit slowly, but it’s well worth it by the time you get a few chapters in and the book becomes a truly interesting study in the potential downside to our (over)reliance on technology both for society as a whole and one innocent family.

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